Experience                      Tower Butte

The Lake Powell area as you’ve never seen it before…

When John Wesley Powell first floated through Glen Canyon in 1869, he could not see the breadth and depth of these Canyons that you will experience from the top of Tower Butte. You will stand in front of Boundary Butte and the Crossing of the Fathers of Lake Powell’s Padre Bay…where Padre Dominguez & Escalante crossed the Colorado River in 1776. This area of Lake Powell has been the historic crossing by Native American’s for many generations. Today you are able to experience it simply by ascending to the top of Tower Butte by Helicopter!

Tower Butte - Brenda & Geoff

Awe Inspiring Views

My family took the helicopter to tower butte and it was absolutely AMAZING!! We were floored by the beautiful views. I’m hoping the views stayed burned in my brain for a lifetime because pictures just don’t do it justice. This is an experience you just can’t miss!

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360 Degree Experience

It’s unbelievable when you look around and can see from the Vermilion Cliff’s to the Kaiparowit’s Plateau. Navajo Mountain, Le Chee Rock, the Echo Cliff’s offer more than enough landscape to fill your camera’s lens.

Tower Butte Landing Tour

ONLY by Helicopter to the Top!

The modern day enjoyment of a Helicopter tour truly can’t be beat. When you are able to enjoy a Helicopter for what it is actually meant to do – well, that is truly unbeatable! Tower Butte can ONLY be experienced in the comfort of a Helicopter. The new, all modern tour helicopters now allow you to arrive in both comfort and style. You will enjoy both tour narration and music as you ascend to the top of Tower Butte in these turbine powered Helicopters. Safety is number one for Grand Canyon Helicopters. The Tour Pilots have some of the highest ratings and training in the Helicopter Tour industry.

Top Of The World Navajo Style Tour

Over 5,000 feet above sea level, Tower Butte is  the perfect setting for your helicopter landing adventure. After boarding your state-of-the-art helicopter, you will fly eastward over the Navajo Nation portion of Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell as you ascend to the top of Tower Butte.

You won’t believe it  when you touch down and walk to the edge of this towering monolith near Lake Powell. The panoramic view is absolutely breathtaking of this incredible landscape. See the Canyons of Lake Powell, Navajo Mountain, LeChee Rock and much, much more. You will enjoy approximately 20 minutes on top of Tower Butte for memorable photo opportunities and interpretive information about the Navajo culture. Tower Butte is ONLY accessible by helicopter!

Incredible memories, spectacular photographs and more are all yours to keep.

For Reservations Please Call: 928-645-0246

What Other’s are saying about the Top Of The World Navajo Style tour…

Tower Butte - Labyrinth Canyon

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